8287 ASHEVILLE HIGHWAY · SPARTANBURG, SC 29316 · 864.804.6720

Approximately 2-½ hrs. (includes class and range time)

Prepare to learn:

  • Average light levels for specific areas.
  • Low light/Night firing tendencies.
  • Low light/Night firing techniques.
  • 6 methods of holding flashlight for low light shooting.

Live fire on range, same course of fire 2 times.  1st course of fire we will check the bullets placement after each stage to make necessary adjustments.  2nd course will shoot all 25 rounds and then score your target.

Lasers will not be used during regular class. Above techniques, iron sights and night sights will be used. Flashlight will be used on some stages of fire but not all of them.

Student supplies all equipment except targets, eye and ear protection. Ammo is available. Rental guns are available in standard caliber for your class or if you would like to experiment with different calibers for the course.

Low light/Night Firing Course $80.00 

6 Students max per class. Call for date and time of next available course.